iSAQB Architecture Documentation (ADOK)


Duration: 2 Days

Locations: Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, Nuremberg and Frankfurt-Eschborn

Dates: See here.

Level: iSAQB CPSA Advanced

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Communication and effective documentation of architecture for different target groups.

The importance of good architecture documentation in a new IT project is often underrated. The documentation of the software architecture plays a significant role in ensuring that developments and changes during the course of the project remain traceable, and also supports communication, both within the project team and with customers and partners, thus making the design of the software system easier to manage.

Maintaining an overview, even in complex projects.

For this reason, the iSAQB has created a separate training course dedicated to the topic of architecture documentation. During this course you learn how to document software architectures effectively and how to evaluate and communicate them to different target groups. In addition to technical aspects, the training also covers the important organisational and social factors associated with architecture documentation.

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