iSAQB Soft Skills for Software Architects (SOFT)


Duration: 3 Days

Locations: Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, Nuremberg and Frankfurt-Eschborn

Dates: See here

Level: iSAQB CPSA Advanced

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Soft skills are the success factors for your career!

Everybody has them, but almost nobody exploits their full potential: Soft Skills. The importance of Soft Skills has also increased enormously in the IT sector. Particularly in project management, “soft” skills such as moderation and empathy are decisive, since both project managers and software architects and developers continuously interact with other departments and have to communicate effectively.

Conducting discussions more consciously, presenting successfully.

Our Soft Skills training module is structured in accordance with iSAQB guidelines, and is geared specifically to IT professionals. In this module you learn how to more consciously conduct discussions, successfully provide presentations, moderate workshops and solve conflicts – since work in the IT sector takes place among people!

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