The Company

„Software architecture is our passion – and a mainstay of ITech Progress GmbH.“

Mahbouba Gharbi, Managing Director of ITech Progress GmbH

ITech Progress GmbH is a highly specialised IT consultancy with 30 staff at its offices in Ludwigshafen am Rhein and Nuremberg. On the basis of innovative architectures and standards, we design and develop sophisticated software solutions with a high added value for our customers. Since the founding of our company in 2004, more and more renowned companies and organisations from the public services, banking and IT services sectors place their trust in our integrated approach.

With a great sense of responsibility, highly qualified staff and best practices we provide consultancy services for our customers in areas such as JAVA/JEE, MDSD and software patterns in all project phases, from the design via the development and implementation through to quality assurance and documentation.

With the ITech Academy training program and individual coaching and reviews we gladly pass on our specialist knowledge to our customers. ITech Progress is also an active private partner of various universities and plays an active part in the design of certification curricula for software architects. The Managing Director of ITech Progress, Frau Mahbouba Gharbi, is the chief executive of the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB).

Business Areas

IT Consulting

The focus of our activities at our offices in Nuremberg is on consultancy in the fields of Systems & Software Engineering and Software Architecture.

Where necessary, we provide an experienced team of software developers and architects to support you in all phases of your project.

On completion of your project, our consultants are also at your disposal, on request, with coaching services and quality assurance measures.

iSAQB Training Courses

Certified knowledge: The ITech Academy organizes around 40 iSAQB-licensed training courses per year in Ludwigshafen, Nuremberg and Eschborn, and also inhouse courses on customer premises.

The participants in our training courses derive lasting benefit from the specialist knowledge provided, and can also become attested as a Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA).

The ITech Academy offers both Foundation Level courses and a portfolio of 10 Advanced Level modules.

Data & Facts






Mahbouba Gharbi

Mahbouba Gharbi

Managing Director

Mahbouba Gharbi graduated from university as an engineer of telecommunication and information technologies (ENS Telecom Paris) and as an engineer of communications and data processing (University of Stuttgart).

She has been working for well-known companies as a consulting software architect in major IT projects since 1999 and has a wide range of experience in the design and the implementation of medium-size and large software systems. Mahbouba Gharbi’s professional portfolio includes software architecture, system development, expert’s reports and lectureship for both the private sector and public authorities. Moreover, she works for international universities as a lecturer and is board member of the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB).

Besides her duties as the CEO of ITech Progress, Mahbouba Gharbi works for a large German public authority as a consulting software architect in the implementation of a SOA environment and heads the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB).

Our values


Quality, innovation, confidence and continuing education are the fundaments of our success. We place emphasis on the close and reliable cooperation with the staff, the clients and the partner companies.

The most important achievements of our strategy are clients who repeatedly assign us with important tasks, a firmly established long-term cooperation with our partners and staff members who develop their professional future with us.

Sense of responsibility

The quality of our service is the key to our success. We constantly achieve high quality because we apply our approved methods and because we provide for quality assurance at all stages of a project.


Active involvement in research and close cooperation with universities and companies allow us to participate in the development of future technologies and methods. By constantly exchanging information with the clients’ managements, we generate synergies, which enable us to respond efficiently to technological change. We are able to provide our clients with direct access to important innovations.


The cultivation of a tight partner network of national and international organisations, universities and companies is one of our major concerns. Scientific and commercial joint ventures allow us to continuously broaden our range of services.

Transfer of knowledge

An important aspect of our consultancy is the transfer of knowledge in order to enable our clients to fulfil tasks once our assignment has been completed. Our philosophy does not accept monopolies of knowledge.

Continuing education

An important aspect of our consultancy is the transfer of knowledge in order to enable our clients to fulfil tasks once our assignment has been completed. Our philosophy does not accept monopolies of knowledge.